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Pre Marriage Relationship Counselling and Coaching

Relationships are key to a successful life, whether it is the relationship with our partner, our family, friends or work colleagues. But how many of us ever learned how to create a great relationship? After all none of us attend relationship school. A great relationship takes skills, as well as love in order to flourish. How many couples have those skills to truly weather life's storms and challenges?

Pre-Marriage Couples Counselling/Coaching:

Pre-Marriage counselling sessions help to prepare couples for marriage by assisting them to gain a deeper understanding of their own as well as their partner's needs and expectations.

Before marriage is the time to find out whether your and your partner have similar hopes, expectations, goals and beliefs for life together.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and remove all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." ~ Rumi”

In pre-marriage counselling you:

  • Learn about ways to communicate effectively
  • Learn how to listen to your partner - it takes skills.
  • Find your love language
  • Discuss your hopes, expectations, and assumptions
  • Find your common ground on: family, money, children, career, roles, sexual expectations, leisure activities.

    A great relationship takes skills, as well as love in order to flourish. Do you have the relationship tools that you need, to create a great relationship where you can truly weather life's storms and challenges? If the answer is no, then book in today and learn them. Give your relationship the best chance you can.

    Pre-marriage counselling takes 3 sessions - cost: $240.

    Located 3 minutes from Lighthouse Beach in Port Macquarie - in house and online sessions.

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