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Bring More Love Into Your Home

Find some things to do where fun and laughter will be present
Tell your partner how you want to be nurtured
Ask your partner how they would like to be nurtured
Be good listeners for each other
Always look for the good in each other and all situations
Speak kindly to each other and be considerate
Hug each other often
Be loving to each other
Have endless patience with each other
Respect one another
Start and end the day with kisses
Praise one another
Forgive and Forget
Have no demands or expectations on each other
Treat each other as though you would a precious friend
Cancel all should's, ought to's and have to's on each other
Share what you appreciate about each other
Keep the courtship alive

Love at Home
We find beauty all around
When there's love at home
We find Joy and Peace does abound
When there's love at home
Peace and happiness here abide
Smiles sweet side by side
All the world's a perfect joy
When there's love at home
Shadows disappear and run
There's nothing more to fear
When there's love at home
From: The Share Your Love Campaign

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