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Spiritual Art

Spiritual painting is about expressing your unique connection to the sacred, what you hold dear, what gives your life direction and purpose. Whatever your faith is, I offer art sessions where you can express your spirituality in a painting. This course will suit you if you are a person who is;

  • wanting to express your spirituality through your creativity
  • wanting to express through art
  • wanting a deeper connection with your source.
  • interested in developing your own creative spiritual practice

The paintings below show some of the cultural traditions that I have explored in Interfaith studies.

Painting the Sacred Feminine

This love is the rose that blooms forever         Based on The Black Madonna of Czestochowa

Black Madonna - based on Our Lady of Czestochowa         Divine Lady of Presence - giclees available to order

The Painted Prayer

Conception: These paintings were painted
with a prayer for a couple to conceive...
(yes they did conceive)
(no I don't promise that)

conception - painted with a prayer for a couple to conceive - orders taken for similar     conception - painted with a prayer for a couple to conceive - orders taken for similar

Traditional Hawaiian

Working with traditional Hawaiian Bodywork for over 20 years I learned many of the
myths and Huna philosophy... this is a painting of Pele from that tradition...


Buddhist Tradition

The Buddha's Bowl with Om Mani Padme Hum script - painted after a visit from the Dalai
Lama's Gyuto Monks to Port Macquarie. Painted to the chants from the Monks.

buddha bowl with om mani padme hum

The art you see on this site is by Kareen Fellows

In house and online sessions.

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two people lifes journey your souls journey starts in the heart

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